Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings, also known as composite resin, are an ideal solution to restore the functionality of decayed teeth without resorting to extraction. At the same time, these fillings are great for cosmetic improvements, since they match the color of the patient’s teeth.

For good oral health, the best thing to do would be to prevent having tooth decay in the first place. However, when it does happen, Dr. Justin Devack DMD PA, may recommend a filling, as long as the damage to the teeth is not yet extensive. In such cases, getting tooth-colored fillings at our office in Tamarac, FL is ideal to help you keep the beauty of your smile in the most natural looking way.

The Procedure

Having tooth-colored fillings is a dental procedure that involves only a few steps.

  • The first step is to check the tooth to determine if the damage can still be addressed by a filling, or if other dental procedures such as extraction or a root canal are more appropriate. If a filling is suitable, your dentist will inform you.

  • Next, your dentist will prepare the composite resin. This is the tooth-colored filling to be used.

  • Once the tooth-colored filling is ready, your dentist will place it as layers on your tooth.

  • Each layer will be hardened by a special kind of light.

  • The shaping of the filling follows. Adjustments are made, as necessary, so that the tooth-colored filling completely fits the tooth.

  • To avoid staining, your dentist will polish your tooth that now has the tooth-colored filling to prevent staining.

  • However, if the patient’s lifestyle makes him or her prone to having stained teeth (such as if the patient heavily drinks tea, coffee, or uses spices like turmeric – all of which can stain the teeth), your dentist can place a clear plastic coating on the tooth to protect it further from being stained.

Aside from their cosmetic value in helping patients to preserve the beauty of their smile, tooth-colored fillings are also essential for preventing further damage to the tooth.

Although it does take a little more time and a little more expense to have a tooth-colored filling done, compared to amalgam or silver fillings, the results are always worth it.

Teeth that are evenly colored do a lot to keep up the confidence level of our patients. If you need a tooth-colored filling, kindly schedule your appointment by calling (954) 733-3188. Our office is at 4600 W Commercial Blvd Suite 2 Tamarac, FL 33319