Mouth Guards

Mouth guard are one of the most reliable protections against oral injury possibly brought about by being active in contact sports and some types of recreational activities. Mouth guards are also useful to address bruxism – which is characterized by excessive jaw clenching or teeth grinding. Here at the office of Justin Devack DMD PA, we offer custom fitted mouth-guards to ensure our patient's comfort while wearing this oral appliance.

The use of mouth-guards is one of the recommendations we make to our patients in Tamarac, FL when their activities expose them to the risk of dental trauma. Injuries to your lips, gums, teeth, tongue, jaw, cheek, and face, are avoidable with custom fit mouth-guards, which conform to the contours of your mouth and your dental features.

The Procedure

Custom-fit mouth-guards are exclusively made for you.

  • First, an impression is made of your teeth, using either dental putty or dental alginate.

  • The impression is sent to a laboratory to create the mold for the mouth guard.

  • Typically, mouth guards are often only made for the upper teeth. However, your dentist will tell you beforehand if you need protection for your lower teeth as well. This is often the case if you wear braces.

  • If your dental issue is bruxism, your dentist may recommend that you wear a specific kind of custom-made mouthguard known as a nocturnal bite plate. This kind of mouth guard only needs to be worn before you sleep.

  • During your next visit, you will be asked to wear the mouth guard. Ordinarily, since your mouth guard was made to your personal fit, there should be no problems. Be sure to check, however, for comfort. If you experience some changes in talking or breathing, inform your dentist right away.

Both children and adults can use mouth guards as recommended by your dentist. It is better to use custom-fit mouthguards than store-brought ones, (also known as “boil and bite”) because the former are professionally made for the specific needs of your mouth and teeth alone.

Your dentist can also give you advice on how to properly care for your mouth guard. Keep in mind that mouthguards may need to be replaced from time to time, depending on usage and the age of the patient. Children, whose teeth are still growing, may need more frequent replacements as well.

To have your custom-fit mouth guard made, please contact (954) 733-3188 to schedule your dental appointment. The practice of Justin Devack DMD PA is located at 4600 W Commercial Blvd Suite 2 Tamarac, FL 33319.