Inlays & Onlays

Inlays & Onlays may be recommended by your dentist when your fillings require replacement or if they need to be removed because they are no longer effectively serving their purpose of protecting your teeth from further damage.

To date, no kind of filling lasts forever. That is why our office always recommends to our patients to come regularly for a dental checkup. This is to enable your dentist to monitor the condition of your fillings and to recommend a removal or replacement of your fillings, as needed.

The Procedure

It is important to know the main differences between an inlay and an onlay. Inlays replace old fillings. They fit inside the top edges of your tooth. Onlays also replace old fillings, but they go beyond the top edges of your tooth. Your dentist determines whether you need an inlay or onlay.

  • Two appointments are needed to ensure that your inlay or onlay bond thoroughly with your tooth, to renovate the damaged part.

  • During the first appointment, your doctor will apply a numbing agent (local anesthesia) on the area that will be treated.

  • Cleaning of the affected tooth follows. Decay or damage parts brought about by trauma will be removed through drilling. Please keep in mind that this part of the procedure will be relatively painless because of the anesthesia earlier applied.

  • An impression is taken of the damaged tooth by using dental putty.

  • This impression will be sent to a dental laboratory, that in turn, will make your inlay or onlay (as specified by your dentist).

  • As protection while, you are waiting for your inlay or onlay to be finished, your dentist will give you tooth a temporary filling. This temporary filling will also enable you to continue your normal daily activities, such as chewing.

  • Your doctor will alert you about certain foods you need to temporarily avoid while waiting for the completion of your inlay or outlay procedure, in order to avoid further damage to your tooth.

  • On your second appointment, your dentist will take off your temporary filling.

  • Your dentist will then put your inlay or onlay (as applicable) on your tooth, and determine if there is a proper fit.

  • If the inlay or onlay fits perfectly, your dentist will use a strong adhesive to bond the inlay or onlay with your tooth.

  • The final step is polishing to ensure its smooth surface finish.

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