Gum Grafting

The presence of excessive tartar on the teeth can result in gum recession. Such a situation leads to the build-up of bacterial infection and eventual gum disease. Gum grafting, also known as gingival grafting, helps prevent further damage to the gums, protecting the teeth and bones in the mouth of the patient.

The practice of Justin Devack DMD, PA in Tamarac, FL. offers gum grafting along with kinds of dental treatment and procedures to promote good oral health among its patients.

Kinds of Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is a surgical dental procedure.There are three kinds of gum grafting that can address recessed gums:

  • Connective tissue graft – A connective tissue graft cuts a flap of skin from your palate tissue, or the tissue from the roof of your mouth. Under the flap of the skin is the subepithelial connective tissue. This is the tissue that is sewn to the area of your gum, which already shows an exposed root. When the gum graft has been done, the open flap or skin is also sewn back. This is the most commonly done procedure for gum grafting.

  • Free gingival graft – This procedure is similar to connective-tissue grafting. However, instead of using the cut flap of skin from the palate, actual tissue from the roof of your mouth is cut directly, and then attached to the receded gum area. Your dentist will recommend this if you have naturally thin gums and need more tissue to make your gums thicker.

  • Pedicle graft – This grafting method uses healthy tissue from the gum section nearest to where the gum recession is located.


  • A flap called a pedicle is cut from the adjacent healthy tissue. The pedicle is pulled to cover the exposed root and then sewn in place. This kind of grafting is suitable for patients who have thick gums adjacent to the tooth with the exposed root.

Aside from making use of the patient’s own tissues, it is also possible to use tissues from donors or tissue banks. Growth-stimulating proteins may also be used to grow more tissue.

Your dentist is in the best position to recommend what kind of procedure or tissue (natural or externally sourced) would be most suitable for your situation.

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