All on x implant hybrid denture 

Full and partial dentures are dental appliances that can completely or partially take the place of missing teeth. In Tamarac, FL, the practice of Justin Devack DMD PA offers full and partial dentures to patients, based on their need. Full or complete dentures are for when all the teeth are gone, and partial dentures are for when there are still natural teeth remaining.

Placement of Full Dentures

Sometimes, even when there are still a few teeth remaining, there may still be a need for extraction because such teeth are damaged and can no longer be fixed by bonding, fillings, crowns, or veneers. When such is the case, and all the teeth have been extracted, a full denture will be necessary.

A full denture may be classified into immediate or conventional. Immediate dentures are called as such, because they were made in advance, even before final tooth extraction. This type of full denture sees to it that the patient will not have to go without teeth during the period that the gums are still healing.

The disadvantage of using immediate dentures is that shrinkage in the gums can occur during the period of healing. As such, immediate dentures may no longer fit properly. That is why they should only be a temporary measure until the conventional full denture is ready. A conventional full denture takes into account gum shrinkage. Typically, they are placed 8 to 12 weeks after the last tooth was extracted.

Placement of Partial Dentures

On the other hand, your dentist may recommend partial dentures when you still have usable or functional teeth left in your upper or lower jaw. These dentures may be removable dental appliances. The false teeth or dentures are attached to a plastic base with wire frames. The wires anchor the dentures in your mouth. There are also fixed partial dentures that are cemented into place.

Practicality of Using Dentures

Whether full or partial, your dentist may recommend the use of dentures when the functionality of your teeth are compromised. This means that you are having difficulty in carrying out ordinary dental tasks such chewing certain kinds of food that you used to eat before.

Dentures can also help in terms of cosmetic value. They are practical dental appliances that help you to continue facing the world with confidence, especially since you will be able to talk and smile without being restrained because of missing teeth.

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