Fluoride Application

Fluoride Application is a dental treatment to protect teeth against cavities. The fluoride may come in the form of a gel, a rinse, or foam. Fluoride acts to remineralize weakened tooth enamel and as a result, the teeth become more resistant to decay.

Children are especially susceptible to tooth decay because of their general fondness for sweets and tendency to forget to brush their teeth.


Due to their immaturity, the teeth of children are also generally weaker, which make them good candidates for fluoride application. However, adults who are also prone to developing dental caries or who have dentine hypersensitivity also benefit from fluoride application. Our office in Tamarac, FL recommends fluoride application to our patients to reduce their incidence of tooth decay.

The Procedure

A fluoride application is a simple and painless procedure.

  • The first step is the professional cleaning of the patient’s teeth. The patient will be asked to rinse afterwards to rid the mouth of any debris.

  • A piece of cotton gauze is used to wipe the teeth. It is not necessary, though, for the teeth to be completely dry, as the fluoride applied can hold on to the teeth even if the teeth are a bit moist.

  • Next, for children, fluoride in the form of a gel, a rinse, or foam is placed in small mouth shaped containers or trays. This is then placed inside the child’s mouth and the teeth are allowed to soak in or absorb the fluoride.

  • For adult patients who are receiving the fluoride application, a small applicator or brush may be used to put the fluoride on their teeth.

  • Patients, whether children or adults, are advised not to eat or drink anything for a half-hour after the application. This is to make sure that other substances do not get in the way of fluoride absorption.

  • Brushing is not recommended for the whole day. Brushing and other forms of dental care, such as flossing, may be resumed the next day.

A fluoride application is a temporary but effective procedure. For this reason, we recommend a twice a year visit for fluoride applications. The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves of the use of fluoride for the prevention of dental decay.

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