Single Visit Dental Crowns

A dental crown or cap encloses the entire surface of a damaged tooth so that its original shape and size are brought back to good and appearance. Dental crown restoration gives backs the functionality of a damaged tooth when a filling is not sufficient to do so. The practice of Justin Devack DMD PA in Tamarac, FL, integrates the latest dental technology and techniques, making it possible to provide dental crown treatments to patients in a single visit.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

You need a dental crown when your tooth is chipped, decayed, fractured, or when you had a root canal done. It is also used for cosmetic purposes.

The One-Visit Procedure

Advances in dental technology have lessened the time needed to give patients a dental crown restoration. You receive these services when your dentist provides single visit dental crowns:

  • Recording of dental and medical history (for new patients)

  • Examination of your teeth

  • Anesthetic injection

  • Preparation of the tooth that needs a crown

  • Taking of dental impression

  • Have the dental crown restoration done

A single visit dental crown restoration is not only convenient for both patient and dentist – it is also a time-saver, and can immediately bring back the beauty of the patient’s smile, as soon as the restoration is completed in just a short time.

In the past, restoration of teeth damaged because of decay or dental trauma used to be a wearisome activity that involved many visits to the dentist. It was also not highly popular to get a crown because only silver and gold were the materials used before, which were not conducive to preserving a good visual effect for the patient’s smile.

But today, your dentist can make a strong, tooth-colored crown made of ceramic or porcelain materials even in only a single visit. Metal is not used in making the crown, ensuring that the restored tooth will have a uniform look with your other natural teeth.

We understand that not every patient has the luxury of time to spare. There are many patients with extremely busy personal and professional lives that it can become a problem to fit in two dental visits or more, just to have a dental crown resorted.

That doesn’t have to be the case any longer. If you are interested to have a single visit dental crown treatment, please call (954) 733-3188 for your appointment.


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