Dental Bridges

Many people lose some or all of their teeth at some point in their lives. When that happens, the possibility of misalignment, teeth shifting, and even jaw and gum problems can result. Dr. Justin Devack DMD PA whose practice is located in Tamarac, FL offers dental bridges as a solution for patients with missing or gapped teeth.

Dental Bridge Placement

A dental bridge can be placed when there are two or more teeth on opposite sides of the gap on which to anchor the bridge. Those anchor teeth are known as abutments or abutment teeth. A false tooth or teeth are part of the bridge, and they take the place of the missing teeth so that the gap will be removed. The false teeth are known as pontics.  Previously, false teeth were mostly made only of gold and alloys. In more recent years, porcelain also became available as a material for false teeth, giving both dentists and patients more materials from which to choose.

Kinds of Dental Bridges

Your dentist can recommend different kinds of dental bridges, according to your need. The two most common kinds, which are recommended by dentists are:

  • The traditional bridges - These are the ones more known to the public. They have been in use for a long time and are made of porcelain, with some ceramic or metal fusion.

  • The resin bonded bridges – These can be made of porcelain fused to metal or ceramic. They can also be made of plastic gums and teeth, that in turn, have a framework made of porcelain or metal.

The number of visits that a patient needs to make to have a dental bridge fitted is determined on a case-to-case basis. Every instance of having a dental bridge, however, requires the making and wearing of a temporary bridge. This temporary bridge is meant to protect the patient’s teeth and gums, to ensure that their shape and location, from which the impression for the bridge was taken, do not change. Succeeding visits are made to check the fit of the actual bridge to be used, and to make adjustments to the fit as necessary.

A dental bridge is necessary to help patients with missing teeth regain the abilities to chew food well, and to speak as they used to, before some of their teeth were lost.

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