Dental Implants & Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implants, also sometimes referred to as Dental Implant Restoration is a dental treatment that effectively restores the function of missing teeth. In Tamarac, FL, the practice of Justin Devack DMD PA offers patients a better option for missing teeth replacement through dental implants.

The Strength of Titanium

Each implant is surgically planted into your jawbone by a qualified surgeon. Implants may be done for one or more teeth, as needed.

Titanium is the main material used in these implants. A post made of titanium is surgically inserted either in your upper or lower jaw. This post serves as the anchor or root for the replacement teeth.

Owing to the strength of titanium, patient acceptance of dental implants has been high over the past years. The titanium acts as a sturdier root on which the replacement teeth are attached.

Requirements for Dental Implants & Dental Implant Restoration

The presence of strong and sufficient bones in the upper or lower jaw are basic to having dental implants. This is because the implant needs to attach to the bone in order to remain upright and stable.

If there are not enough bone material, or the bones present are not strong enough due to past trauma, an additional procedure such as bone augmentation may be required by your dentist. It is also just as important to have healthy surrounding tissue and teeth where the implant will be placed.

In the past, there used to be a long period of time involved in having dental implants. Usually, it would take six months for the upper jaw and five months for the lower jaw.

At present, your dentist can do the whole procedure during only one visit, after the initial consultation which includes the taking of your dental and medical history, a Xray (or a CAT scan as needed), and the making of impressions of your teeth and gums for modeling.

The number of preparatory consultations that you need will depend on the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbones.

You can inquire from your dentist if dental implants would be suitable for you, instead of bridges or dentures.

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