Bone Grafting

A strong and solid jawbone is essential to keeping dental implants in place. However, the jawbone can be damaged because of many reasons, chief among them are diseased gums and teeth and blows to the face leading to dental trauma. In such instances, bone grafting may be required for the jawbone to become strong again.

Bone grafting is one of the dental procedures offered by Dr. Justin Devack DMD, PA in Tamarac, FL. When you need a dental implant, but your jaw cannot provide the solid foundation required for the implant to take hold, bone grafting may be necessary.

Bone Grafting Materials

Natural bone from the patient can be used for a bone graft. This piece of bone can come from another section of your jaw. There are other parts of your body where a piece of bone can also be removed for grafting, such as your hips.

It is also possible to make use of processed bovine or cow bones. The mineral content of cow bones are extracted and then sterilized. All other organic material is disposed of. The bovine bones used for bone grafting is also known as a xenograft.

Their purpose is to sort of “convince” the bones and tissues surrounding the damaged bone that the damage is no longer present, and a process known as “guided tissue regeneration” can then take place. As time passes, the graft made of bovine bone material is reabsorbed and replaced by new natural bone growth of the patient.

While the very name of the procedure may cause unease to the patient, the truth is that bone grafts are not painful and are routine forms of dental therapy.

Bone grafting may require one or more combinations of any of these three outpatient procedures as pre-requisites to the actual bone grafting– sinus lift procedure, socket graft, and/or block bone graft. It may take 9 months or so for the bone graft to take hold.

Your dentist can discuss with you the details of all the procedures involved. Your options for pre-operative and post-operative will also be presented to you, to ensure that your dental health is optimized.

If you think that you need a dental implant, you may need to discuss with your dentist the possibility of requiring a bone graft. Please schedule your appointment by calling (954) 733-3188. Our office is located at 4600 W Commercial Blvd Suite 2 Tamarac, FL 33319.